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Just fear for the best

& hope for our worst

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23 April
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I just wanna have some fun
Before they throw me in the sanitarium

Most of this is *friends only* and i already have too many friends so...

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1977, 77, a clockwork orange, adam ant, alice cooper, andy warhol, anita pallenberg, bam margera, barbara kruger, barbarella, beagles, bianca jagger, blondie, bowie, brian jones, buckcherry, cinderella, cock sparrer, courtney love, creepers, darby crash, debbie harry, don vito, drink tickets, eater, edie sedgwick, eyelash extensions, fake hair, famous groupies, faster pussycat, fetish shoes, flappers, flavored lipgloss, free drinks, frozen drinks, generation x, glam, glam metal, glam punk, glam rock, glitter rock, greil marcus, guns n' roses, halftone dots, hanoi rocks, hate, hating you, heartagrams, him, hookers, imaginary celebrity boyfriends, izzy stradlin, j.d. salinger, jackson pollock, jacqueline susann, jamie reid, jesse james, joe strummer, johnny thunders, jordan, keef, keith richards, kurt loder, la guns, lemmy, lester bangs, marianne faithful, mick jones, mick rock, misfits, mohair sweaters, motley crue, motorhead, murderdolls, my wife, nancy spungeon, napping, new york dolls, nikki sixx, old men, p0rn star make-up, paul simonon, platform shoes, pop art, porn as comedy, post modernism, pretty boy floyd, punk, punk rock, ramones, rbirs, rhinestones, robin fucking black, roy lichtenstein, sable starr, scarves, sex pistols, shirley manson, sid and nancy, siouxsie and the banshees, slayer, sleaze rock, stiff records, stiff records slogans, stoli, sue catwoman, t. rex, taime downe, the bromley contingent, the clash, the damned, the glimmer twins, the jam, the london quireboys, the slits, the terror twins, tommy lee, vain, ville valo, vivienne westwood, well-trained assistants, willa walo, wreckless eric, x-ray spex, zelda fitzgerald

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