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Writer's Block: Not Even If You Paid Me

What do you think is the worst job?

tram driver @ on the boardwalk. If i had to hear that recorded voice say, "please watch the tram" over & over for 8 hrs i'd kill myself 2nd worst job would be ice cream man for pretty much the same reasons. owww that music.

I lash you long time

So I started doing semi-permanent eyelash extensions and I did a set last night and took before and after pics…

extreme lash makeoverCollapse )

Ever have the feeling....

The new motley crue album is not so good:/

Since 2003

ifuckedyrman, yer on the guestlist, finally!

If Club Metal was real I would leave the house a lot more. Seriously.

the mick & tony diaries

So tonight mick jones stopped playing and came over and gave me his hand and helped me up on stage to dance. As gay as it is to invoke a bruce springsteen video from the 80's i will cos i don't really have any other comparison. I'm old& married&settled down now and i really don't need to be the center of attention anymore BUT this is one time when it really did feel like the best thing ever to be singled out cos it's fucking mick jones and i lived an imaginary life w/ him & baked him birthday cakes for several years. it means something more. tony asked me if i found my jacket (cos it went missing the other night)

I don't get excited about anything but i'm just ahhhhhhh! right now. i wanna type out everything but i have to force myself to settle and go to bed cos i gotta work tomorrow. arrrrrrrrrrrr,
...not anymore!

Normally I would never post such ugly unflattering pictures of myself on the internets but this is one time where I make an exception. Vanity be damned!

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I am happy to say Mick Jones is one of the coolest, down-to-earth genuine people I’ve ever met.

Full report later, I have to go wash my hair (yes, it’s that time of the week again!) Anti-Nowhere League tonight, yay!

Extreme Makeover: Rachel Edition;P

wanna see something funny? Here is a picture of me from Saturday night....


Happy birthday, miss lilredant! Now when are you coming out here again?!?!

Have do any of you guys use smashbox make-up? i am contemplating buying the cream eyeliner (which i figure is comparable to MAC or bobby brown's gel eyeliner?) It's around $40 for a 10 shade pallet which is not too bad but if it's crap then it's not really a good deal.

Also, what is a worthwhile make-up community to join on here (the crazier kind of make-up looks the better the better)? There are so damn many of them and i never do anything w/ communites so i don't have the stamina to wade through them.

I will write a real entry later. I promise.

making enemies is good

I just came back from seeing the backyard babies and I sware it was some kinda semi-religious experience. Jackie (if you have the Internet) Kevin (drummer from the band, RFB) was there!! Maybe it's just cos I'm drunk right now but is miss being in a band. Goddamn so much has happened & I doubt any of you have noticed I disappeared. I've kinda given up on livejernal. I'm just poppin in....

Bam is a whore!

I took some of kevyn aucoin tips and fucked around and FINALLY as of an hour ago I have the perfect technique for rock n' roll boy eyeliner application down pat- smudgy and messy and hot (& not as easy as it seems, although it's supposed to look easy). Of course I had to use myself as the guinea pig cos there are no pretty glam boys for me to practice on. DAMN NEW JERSEY!

I am seriously considering bleaching my eye brows. It seems like a fun way to change yer face but I will probably regret it as soon as I do it. Oh well I will sleep on it.

I love how my jernal is entirely devoid of *substance* anymore. Well, if yer reading my jernal for substance you have bigger problems, heh.

JACKIE, I keep trying to e-mail you but I keep getting the *demon mailer* thing.

I need to sleep it's be a super long day... Good nite